1. The academic session begins in April.

  2. Each academic session consists of two terms.

  3. Annual exams are conducted in March.

  4. Keeping in consideration the comfort level of the students, separate arrangements are made for girls from Grade 5 onwards.

Classes Age
Pre-Nusery 2.5 - below 3 years
Nusery 3 years
KG - I 4 years
KG - II 5 years
Class I 6 years
Class II 7 years
Class III 8 years
Class IV 9 years
Class V 10 years
Class VI 11 years
Class VII 12 years
Class VIII 13 years
Class IX 14 years
Class X 15 years

Pre-Nursery – Kindergarten
An informal individual assessment test is taken combined with an interview with both the parents.
Generally, the reading level of a child, the vocabulary and concepts of colours and numbers are assessed.
In addition, the confidence of the child, the level of spoken English and motor skills are taken into consideration.

Class-I Onward
Application for Class I onward are tested in three subjects – English, Urdu and Mathematics.
The pass percentage is 50%. Duration of each paper is approximately 30 minutes. For the written test, the child should come properly equipped with a pencil, eraser, sharpener and ruler.
The papers are not set from any specific textbooks or syllabus but are of a general nature designed to test the aptitude of the child in the basic subjects. The test paper is not shown to anyone and only marks are communicated to the parents/ guardians.
A candidate caught cheating during the admission test will be rejected. The list displaying names of selected candidates will be put up on the notice board on the date given by the school.

Once the fee bill has been issued, payment is made directly to the school.
Parents must pay the fees by the date specified on the fee bill.
Fees paid after the due date is subject to a flat surcharge as specified on the fee bill.
If the tuition fee has not been paid by the end of the second month, the student is automatically withdrawn from the school.