Located at the heart of Karachi, Saeeda’s Foundation School provides quality education to the masses at an affordable cost.
SFS is considered one of the top educational institutes in Karachi and was founded in 1985. Currently, the school is offering programs from Pre-Nursery through Class 10


We at SFS believe in practicing a modern and smart curriculum and providing a holistic learning experience to our students. This is why we encourage our students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities alongside their academic achievements.


We believe that it is important for our students to be connected to school through positive relationships and a strong sense of community.  We believe that every student can learn and be successful if provided the right supports and opportunities.  Our teachers and staff are committed to providing all students with an appropriate and challenging educational experience in a respectful environment that fosters learning and growth.



Our faculty is not only highly experienced in their respective teaching subjects, but also actively involved in the development and growth of their students. Our faculty is known for having engaging and interactive classes, which provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the material being taught while growing their interest in the subject. The ultimate aim of the SFS faculty is to develop and refine the skills of our students in a holistic fashion, so as to, prepare them for work life and beyond.




The Montessori curriculum of Saeeda’s Foundation School concentrates on five areas of critical learning and development language, math, cultural, practical life skills and sensorial. Children’s knowledge of the core areas builds each year and by the time they reach the end of kindergarten they reach have a firm understanding of the material.



We encourage our students to think critically and intellectually and reflect on their learning. Our interdisciplinary STEAM studies provide students with a chance to do just that by integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and helping students sharpen their critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills.

Our bespoke Life Skills programme coaches and develops good morals and strong values in students. It teaches them all the positive traits that help them develop into confident, responsible, respectful and successful individuals.



Our goal is to offer a diverse 21st century curriculum which helps each child develop and strengthen academically, socially, mentally, emotionally, creatively and holistically. We particularly emphasize on the development and mastery of literacy and numeracy skills among our students which we feel are the foremost requirements of the times..



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Submission and Assessment

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Applicant & parents attend a discussion meeting with the Headmistress and Director Admissions.